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Eleganza – Elegance

Per essere veramente eleganti non serve accumulare: bisogna sempre togliere qualcosa. To be truly elegant there is no need to accumulate: you must always take something away. La raffinatezza dei materiali e dei dettagli lavorati artigianalmente si sposano all'oro e spingono istintivamente a volerli sfiorare. The fine materials and handcrafted details perfectly marry the gold and… Continue reading Eleganza – Elegance


Vintage Blue Wedding Invitation

I have a thing for antique wedding invitations. This one is very polished, but easy to read at the same time (we don't really want grandma to go to the wrong restaurant, do we?), and works well both for posh and fresh weddings. You can find it here. Ho un debole per gli inviti di… Continue reading Vintage Blue Wedding Invitation

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I only love the roses I did not gather

"I only love the roses I did not gather. I only love the things that could be and have never been.." (Non amo che le rose che non colsi. Non amo che le cose che potevano essere e non sono state..) This old poetry by Guido Gozzano reminds me of those memories you love because… Continue reading I only love the roses I did not gather