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Have yourself a Little Merry Plaid Wedding

If you are having a winter wedding, especially during Christmastime, plaid is an adorable idea. It is bold, festive and cozy, and you can use it in any shade. Rock it in your accessories (shoes, hair pins, bouquet, garment, tie), in the decor (runners, wreaths, favors), in the cake or during the pictures, but remember… Continua a leggere Have yourself a Little Merry Plaid Wedding

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Elegant Fall Brown Wedding

1 - Coffee Escort Cards (Tableau de Mariage con Chicchi di Caffè) 2 - Fall Bouquet (Bouquet Autunnale) 3 -  Leather Hair Stick (Fermacapelli in Cuoio) 4 - Dark Chocolate Roses (Rose di Cioccolato Fondente) 5 - Wedding cake (Torta al Cioccolato) 6 - Fall Centerpiece (Centrotavola Autunnale) 7 - Carta Forbici Gatto invites (Partecipazioni Carta… Continua a leggere Elegant Fall Brown Wedding

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A wedding surprise

There is nothing like Autumn days for curling up with a great book or a romantic, heart warming movie. Especially if you have a boyfriend, or a cat. So I think it's almost time to re-watch Love Actually, which never fails. Are you planning a big surprise for your wedding guests or your beloved one?… Continua a leggere A wedding surprise

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Vineyard Wedding #3: Wax Seals tutorial

Third and final part of our vineyard and winery wedding invitations. Have you already checked the first and second part, with all the wonderful images of seasonal environments? Today we add an antique flavour to our two invitations with the sealing wax. Terza ed ultima parte dei nostri inviti di matrimonio in cantine e vigneti.… Continua a leggere Vineyard Wedding #3: Wax Seals tutorial

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Vineyard Wedding #2: Autumn flavour

Good afternoon! Are you still swooning at the thought of the stunning images of a vineyard wedding? Me too, actually. This is our second part: after the breathtaking surroundings, the seasonal decor and the "Purple Grapes" invitations, we add some other themed invitations. Buon pomeriggio! Siete ancora in deliquio per le meravigliose immagini di matrimoni in cantine… Continua a leggere Vineyard Wedding #2: Autumn flavour