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Buoni propositi e Calendario 2016 in regalo

Hello everybody! Please forgive my hiatus, Christmas alway brings both a lot of joy and a lot of work, I'm starting a DIY course so I am currently overwhelmed by every kind of DIY you can think of. Also, on the excuses front, I am trying something new in my invitations... you'll see very soon. Of… Continua a leggere Buoni propositi e Calendario 2016 in regalo

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Coming soon

Holidays are over (and when I say holidays I mean Christmas, New Year's Eve, Ephiphany, my birthday, my best friend's birthday, my sister-in-law's birthday and my sweet half's birthday.. all between 20 december and 6 january) and I am coming back! In the meantime, Befana brought us some glorious chocolate cigars. Le feste sono finite… Continua a leggere Coming soon