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Mini Roses Earrings for Your Springtime Feelings

Sometimes you just feel tired, because your new shoes hurt. Because you want to travel. Because it's hard to stay inside during a sunny day. Because you need to change the car. Because you wake up earlier when your cat feels springtime and sing the whole time. Because your legs are too white. Because weddings.… Continue reading Mini Roses Earrings for Your Springtime Feelings

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DIY Spring Earrings {Tiny Roses with Template}

Do you remember the felt crafts I posted some days ago? These are the tiny roses earrings I was creating. They are so easy! You just need a little bit of attention during the process, since the roses are so small and they tend to slip. This is the template I used: you can print… Continue reading DIY Spring Earrings {Tiny Roses with Template}

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Spring DIY Gifts

Springtime is almost here, and I have a great desire of flowers. Little gifts for all my friends and their babies are on their way! A red rose hair tie, a red bow (and lace) hair pin and two lovely roses stud earrings. Yes, yes, I am in love with the tiny roses for the earrings!… Continue reading Spring DIY Gifts