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Easy DIY Gifts for a quick Christmas

My mom taught me the foresight trick: always keep some small presents during Christmastime, because you don't know who's gonna visit. There always is someone who brings something and makes you feel guilty because you didn't think about them! Actually, this works throughout the whole year. Things you must have around during this period: candles, ribbon, felt, hot… Continua a leggere Easy DIY Gifts for a quick Christmas

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[Free Printable] Vintage Thanksgiving Place Cards

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I love the idea of remembering the things we should be thankful for: in fact, my advent calendar last year was the calendar of happiness, where Franklin and me wrote the things we loved of each other. Here are some printable place cards for your table: they're vintage, stylish and each… Continua a leggere [Free Printable] Vintage Thanksgiving Place Cards