Glamorous Gray wedding

Glamorous Gray Wedding
1: elegant grey favor boxes 2: glamorous antique gray invitation by Cfg
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“Elegance isn’t about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” —Giorgio Armani

Winter is coming, and the glamour of a gray wedding is the perfect touch for the Season.
The best feature about grey is that it is a neutral, so you can have a sophisticated vibe if you pair it with white and silver hues, but you can also have a romantic, delicate palette if you pair it with pastels, a cheerful effect with yellow or a dramatic, charming outcome with burgundy.
It is a gorgeous way to effortlessly combine masculine and feminine elements into a single event.

Set the tone with a glamorous antique gray invitation, stunning in its simplicity.

“L’eleganza non è farsi notare, ma farsi ricordare.”
—Giorgio Armani

L’inverno è in arrivo, e il glamour di un matrimonio in grigio è il tocco perfetto per coronare la stagione.
L’aspetto più bello del grigio è che si tratta di un neutro, perciò è possibile avere un’atmosfera sofisticata accostandolo a sfumature bianche e argento, ma anche una palette romantica e delicata accostandolo a colori pastello, un effetto gioioso con il giallo oppure un risultato affascinante e accentuato con il borgogna.
E’ un modo fantastico per combinare senza sforzo elementi maschili e femminili in un singolo evento.

Dai il tono della cerimonia con una partecipazione grigio antica piena di glamour, splendida nella sua semplicità.

Grey Invitation Silver Ribbon - Partecipazione Grigia con Nastro Argento Grey Invitation Silver Ribbon - Partecipazione Grigia con Nastro Argento



Lace and Grey Wedding

A lace and grey wedding combines elegance and romance. You can use this theme through the whole wedding, with a charming vintage flavour. Here are some gorgeous ideas I’ve found surfing the net. And, since I really love the combo, a whole set for the lace and grey wedding, with a surprise! First of all the invitations:


DSC02363_cfg No matter the shade of gray you prefer, the invitations will be extremely classy. The best part is gray is an excellent base for whatever wedding colors you love, to complete the palette you desire. DSC02366_cfg

This style is so simple and unique you can use it also in place and thank you cards, and why not a lovely DIY heart garland for the decorations? I am clearly in love with it.

Don’t forget the program!

 Are you having a lace and grey wedding? Is it time to create a seating chart? This is my piece of advice for you.