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St. Patrick’s Day accessories

"Here on this island, then, live the only people in Europe that never set out to conquer, although they were conquered several times, by Danes, Normans, Englishmen – all they sent out was priests, monks, missionaries who, by way of this strange detour via Ireland, brought the spirit of Thebaic asceticism to Europe." H. Boll,… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day accessories

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Felt mug cozy in a snow country – Morbidi copritazze nel paese delle nevi

"In the depths of the mirror the evening landscape moved by, the mirror and the reflected figures like motion pictures superimposed one on the other. The figures and the background were unrelated, and yet the figures, transparent and intangible, and the background, dim in the gathering darkness, melted into a sort of symbolic world not… Continue reading Felt mug cozy in a snow country – Morbidi copritazze nel paese delle nevi

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[Free Printable] Last-Minute Halloween Masquerade

We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin. Andre Berthiaume Early references to wearing costumes at Halloween come from the Celtic festival of Samhain: the Celts believed that, during this period, the boundary between this world and the next was very thin and that… Continue reading [Free Printable] Last-Minute Halloween Masquerade

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Regalo per la Festa della Mamma ai lettori – Mother’s Day Giveaway!

"La mamma è quella persona che vedendo che i pezzi di torta sono quattro e le persone sono cinque, dice che i dolci non le sono mai piaciuti." Tenneva Jordan Pronti per un dolce regalino dedicato alla festa della mamma? Tutto quello che dovete fare è mettere il "mi piace" alla pagina facebook di CartaForbiciGatto,… Continue reading Regalo per la Festa della Mamma ai lettori – Mother’s Day Giveaway!

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Floral Hair Bands for Kids {with Template}

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” Pablo Neruda "Potranno tagliare tutti i fiori, ma non fermeranno mai la primavera." Pablo Neruda Second post for my tiny roses template! I used the slightly bigger rose for lovely baby Alice and her first pigtails. The roses aren't too big because… Continue reading Floral Hair Bands for Kids {with Template}

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And those were the days of roses, poetry and pose and Martha all I had was you and all you had was me. There was no tomorrows, we'd packed away our sorrows and we saved them for a rainy day. Tom Waits - Martha Every time I watch a movie or I dream, every time… Continue reading Martha

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My Valentine

If I ever were to lose you I'd surely lose myself Everything I have found dear I’ve not found by myself   Try and sometimes you'll succeed to make this man of me All my stolen missing parts I’ve no need for anymore I believe and I believe ‘cause I can see Our future days,… Continue reading My Valentine

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Mardi Gras in Venice [Free Printable]

“There is still one of which you never speak." Marco Polo bowed his head. "Venice," the Khan said. Marco smiled. "What else do you believe I have been talking to you about?" The emperor did not turn a hair. "And yet I have never heard you mention that name." And Polo said: "Every time I describe… Continue reading Mardi Gras in Venice [Free Printable]

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Free Printable Valentine’s Inspirational Quotes

Hello! Have you tried my DIY anemone bookmark from the last post? I should make a blue or a gold one for the books on my coffee table. Today I want to share with you the inspirational love cards I added as a packaging for the bookmark, since it was a gift. They are totally free,… Continue reading Free Printable Valentine’s Inspirational Quotes

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DIY Flower Bookmark

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." Emma Goldman While dealing with the flu (and reading the whole Foundation series), I created this lovely bookmark for a sweet girl I used to help with school homeworks, because a person can never have too many books... or too many lovely bookmarks.… Continue reading DIY Flower Bookmark