[Free Printable] Last-Minute Halloween Masquerade

Halloween Masquerade - Free Printables

We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.
Andre Berthiaume

Early references to wearing costumes at Halloween come from the Celtic festival of Samhain: the Celts believed that, during this period, the boundary between this world and the next was very thin and that spirits could more easily come into our world. To scare away evil spirits they dressed up in costumes and wore scary masks, since they believed that dead souls were seeking vengeance and wanted to disguise their identities.

Portiamo tutti una maschera, lo sappiamo bene, e giunge il momento che non riusciamo più a strapparcela senza togliere anche un po’ di pelle.
Andre Berthiaume

I primi riferimenti a maschere e costumi di Halloween provengono dal festival celtico di Samhain: i Celti ritenevano che, durante questo periodo, i confini tra questo e l’altro mondo fossero più sottili, e gli spiriti potessero entrare in questo più facilmente. Per scacciare gli spiriti malvagi indossavano costumi spaventosi, perché credevano che le anime dei morti cercassero vendetta, e volevano celare le loro identità.

Halloween Masquerade - Free Printable “Am I sure? Only as sure as I am that the reality of one night, let alone that of a whole lifetime, can ever be the whole truth.”
Arthur Schnitzler, Dream Story

Masquerade balls, instead, were fashionable and rich dances held for members of the upper classes, hiding their identities in order to allow them to take part in activities considered immoral.

“Se sono sicura? Tanto sicura da presentire che la realtà di una notte, e anzi neppure quella di un’intera vita umana, non significano, al tempo stesso, anche la loro più profonda verità.”
Arthur Schnitzler, Doppio sogno

I balli mascherati o Masquerade balls, invece, erano eventi fastosi e alla moda organizzati per i membri delle classi abbienti, mantenendo nascoste le loro identità perché potessero partecipare ad attività considerate immorali.

Halloween Masquerade - Free Printable

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Free Printable Autumn Garland

Free Printable Autumn Garland - Festone Autunnale da stampareWhenever a time of the year I particularly love is coming, I always try to bring it into my home in a warm, happy way. Autumn means books, movies, but it also means beautiful colors for affordable, small crafts around the house.

Quando si avvicina un periodo dell’anno che amo particolarmente, cerco sempre di portarlo in casa in un modo caldo e allegro. L’autunno significa libri, film, ma significa anche colori fantastici per piccoli craft accessibili in giro per la casa. Free Printable Autumn Garland - Festone Autunnale da stampare

You can also incorporate natural elements to create gorgeous displays. Click on the images below to see them larger.

Potete anche aggiungere elementi naturali per creare composizioni meravigliose. Cliccate sulle immagini per vederle più grandi.

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsFree Printable Autumn Garland - Festone Autunnale da stampare - 1

Free Printable Autumn Garland - Festone Autunnale da stampare - 2

Summer Party with Free Printable Drink Toppers

Summer Party printables

Il tentativo di creare un giardino che sia, allo stesso tempo, un rifugio, un luogo della memoria ed un posto solo per noi mi è rimasto dentro chissà da quando, forse da quelle estati dell’infanzia di una noia buona, utile per conoscersi e per scoprire i diversi ritmi del tempo e suoni fino ad allora sconosciuti, forse dalla prima volta in cui ho letto Il giardino segreto. Forse sono i significati stessi delle parole, in estate, a prendere colori diversi, e volevo farli conoscere alla metàmela che il suo giardino non l’aveva ancora incontrato. Ai primi, timidi tentativi si sono aggiunti, quest’anno, un barbecue, un tavolo in legno e delle lucine. E ai copribicchieri vintage dell’anno scorso, quest’anno si sono sostituiti dei frizzanti e coloratissimi copribicchieri che possono essere usati anche come decorazioni e biglietti regalo!

The attempt to create a garden that could be, at the same time, a shelter, a place of memory and a place just for us has stayed with me since – who knows, maybe those childhood Summers with a boredom that was good, helping you to know yourself and to discover the different rhythms of time, and unknown sounds, or maybe since the first time I read the Secret Garden. Maybe it’s the very meaning of the words, in Summer, having different colors, and I wanted my sweet half, who had not met his garden yet, to know them. Last year I tried some shy, small steps to help him love it; this year we added a barbecue, a wooden table and some string lights. Also, I replaced the vintage-style drink toppers we used with some lively and colorful brand-new drink toppers: you can use them as decorations and gift tags as well!  

printable drink toppers, garland, gift tags


printable drink toppers, garland, gift tags

Limoni, arance, lime, anguria… abbiamo bisogno di freschezza quest’estate! Quale dei tre preferite? Come li userete? Come festoni, come biglietti regalo per un buon limoncello ad una festa d’estate, come copribicchieri mentre prendete l’aperitivo nel verde?

Lemons, oranges, lime, watermelons… we need something fresh this summer! Which one do you like more? How are you going to use it? As garlands, as gift tags for a delicious limoncello during a Summer party, as drink toppers while you enjoy your aperitif outdoor? printable drink toppers, garland, gift tags

Free Printable Valentine (Birthday) Card: The Pocket Watch


“The most valuable thing you can get from someone you love is their time. Not the words, not the flowers, the gifts. It’s time. Because that is not coming back, and the time they gave you is only yours, no matter if it has been an hour or a lifetime.” David Grossman

“La cosa più preziosa che puoi ricevere da chi ami è il suo tempo. Non sono le parole, non sono i fiori, i regali. E’ il tempo. Perchè quello non torna indietro, e quello che ha dato a te è solo tuo, non importa se è stata un’ora o una vita.”

David Grossman


My sweet half has a precious pocket watch he uses during live shows, so this is the first element that inspired me. We are having a really good time these days, and I wanted to tell him how much this was important to me: quality time together, even when it’s silly and lazy, teaches me day by day how to build our relationship.

La mia metàmela ha un delizioso orologio da taschino che usa durante i concerti, perciò questo è stato il primo elemento ad avermi ispirata. Stiamo passando dei momenti davvero belli insieme ultimamente, e volevo fargli capire quanto questo significasse per me: il tempo speso insieme, anche quando siamo pigri o facciamo cose sciocche, mi insegna a costruire il nostro rapporto ogni giorno di più.

Clock2 copy_cfg

This was actually for his birthday, but I think it could be a sweet Valentine card. Enjoy the printable, both in Eng and Ita.

In realtà l’ho preparato per il suo compleanno, ma potrebbe essere un dolcissimo biglietto di San Valentino. Eccovi il file da stampare, sia in inglese che in italiano.

Clock2_eng_cfg <a

“A Wonderland Birthday” printables #2

A Wonderland Birthday printables

Second episode of my Wonderland Free Printables for you. You can find the first one here, with the explanation and some lovely boxes.

Today, I’m gonna give you a sweet preset with a variety of uses.

Wonderland preset For example, you can use it for a special invite, like this one: Wonderland Birthday invite

For this cute cake topper (just glue a stick on its back):

Wonderland Cake TopperAnd for a garland, punch two small holes on each letter for the ribbon. I only have this bad rehearsal picture but you can see what I am talking about.

I can create one for you if you need it.

Wonderland Birthday garland

Pretty Girl Birthday Card – Freebie for You

Baby girl Birthday card

I got some lovely messages about my last post yesterday, and I really want to thank-you, so I’m giving you the birthday card I created for Alice’s 1st birthday. You can also use it for a newborn baby.

This is the original file I used for Alice, without the bow; I think this card is really sweet.

Alice's birthday card

Now this is a file without the name on it: you can use an Apex Lake font if you want it to be the same. Remember to leave some blank space where the bow is going to cover some of the white part. I’m gonna give you both the italian and the english version. Click on them to see them larger.

English file Italian file

For the bow, this file has three sizes of it, so you can use the same bows with the wrapping paper.

Pretty pink bows

The message on it said:

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

A. Enstein

Baby girl birthday card freebie

My beautiful anemone paper flowers

elegant anemone paper flower

Fact is, I do love anemone flowers and I create lots of them, all the time, because they are so beautiful and make me happy. You know that a recent research finds the key to a job that gives you satisfaction in the possibility of seeing the result of your work? Creating something with your hands, in these days of ebooks and mp3, holding them, messing around with glue and finally touching your precious creations, actually means happiness.

Anemones are a delicate flower, but their paper version can be both elegant and joyful, depending on the materials and colours you use, so that they will look fine in a vintage wedding as you can see in the first picture, or as a tea party placeseat, like this one within a paper cup I made some time ago.

paper anemone and tea cup

They are also lovely wrapping decorations, and I loved Lia Griffith’s wonderful ones but I really wanted a template that was ready to use on whatever paper I had. Therefore I created my own template, based on her work (I take no credit, and you can use her tutorial for this template), so now I can have a rainbow of flowers!

rainbow paper anemones

rainbow of anemones

I created the pink one on Sunday afternoon, when little Alice turned 1.

pink anemoneI used them for her presents.

1st birthday

baby gift wrapping

 I’m usually the one who gives babies their first book, but Alice’s uncle is a writer, so he took care of that. He is going to give her a book for every birthday, so that when she grows up she has a good library to discover. Her first book was The Catcher in the Rye. I gave her something else instead: this, because I couldn’t buy a book but I still wanted to be in that club, and this – I think they are the best toys for every child in every corner of the world: kids, imagination is coming! baby gift wrapping

This is my template. You can use it (personal use, of course): it’s easy, because it is not necessary to follow perfectly the lines to have a great uncome.

paper anemone templateAnd another flower for you: they look very sophisticated with vintage elements, don’t they? paper anemone