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Il VERO tutorial per le torte di pannolini in 19 passaggi – ovvero l’inferno di essere una crafter

A volte vengo rimproverata di non valorizzare il lavoro che sta dietro alle mie creazioni fatte a mano con tanto amore, perciò ho deciso di scrivere una guida pratica per creare una torta di pannolini come quella che ho postato ieri in facebook e instagram, che renda l’idea meglio dei tutorial proposti su youtube. Questo,… Continue reading Il VERO tutorial per le torte di pannolini in 19 passaggi – ovvero l’inferno di essere una crafter

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Artigianato Vivo 2016

Cison di Valmarino è un borgo delizioso della zona del Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, in Veneto, e fa parte del club dei Borghi più belli d'Italia. Da 36 anni vi si tiene Artigianato Vivo, una manifestazione annuale che con meraviglia ti trasporta all'interno di un tempo ormai dimenticato, con britole e sedie impagliate a mano, ma… Continue reading Artigianato Vivo 2016

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A plate of cheerfulness – Una piattata di allegria

It's been a while since Easter, but now I have the chance of writing a thought or two: I spent the day with my parents, Franklin, my brother, my sister-in-law and her parents. My mother and I prepared these cheerful felt keychains as place holders. At the end of Easter day my sister-in-law's father told me:… Continue reading A plate of cheerfulness – Una piattata di allegria

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St. Patrick’s Day accessories

"Here on this island, then, live the only people in Europe that never set out to conquer, although they were conquered several times, by Danes, Normans, Englishmen – all they sent out was priests, monks, missionaries who, by way of this strange detour via Ireland, brought the spirit of Thebaic asceticism to Europe." H. Boll,… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day accessories

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DIY Christmas candles

Let's start with Christmas decorations... These candles are rustic and a bit cheerful: the burlap bag is embellished with dark green raffia and felt roses with two tiny pearls, for a touch of shiny and a touch of colour - but not too much. Iniziamo con le decorazioni di Natale.. Queste candele sono rustiche e frizzanti:… Continue reading DIY Christmas candles

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[Free Printable] Last-Minute Halloween Masquerade

We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin. Andre Berthiaume Early references to wearing costumes at Halloween come from the Celtic festival of Samhain: the Celts believed that, during this period, the boundary between this world and the next was very thin and that… Continue reading [Free Printable] Last-Minute Halloween Masquerade

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Mini Roses Earrings for Your Springtime Feelings

Sometimes you just feel tired, because your new shoes hurt. Because you want to travel. Because it's hard to stay inside during a sunny day. Because you need to change the car. Because you wake up earlier when your cat feels springtime and sing the whole time. Because your legs are too white. Because weddings.… Continue reading Mini Roses Earrings for Your Springtime Feelings

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Floral napkin holder AND bracelet

Are you ready for a gorgeous Easter napkin holder, so beautiful that you will want to use it as a floral bracelet too? My house looks like a field during springtime these days, and it's good because it is raining A LOT. The napkin holder /bracelet is quite simple to realize. You will need: -… Continue reading Floral napkin holder AND bracelet

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Floral Hair Bands for Kids {with Template}

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” Pablo Neruda "Potranno tagliare tutti i fiori, ma non fermeranno mai la primavera." Pablo Neruda Second post for my tiny roses template! I used the slightly bigger rose for lovely baby Alice and her first pigtails. The roses aren't too big because… Continue reading Floral Hair Bands for Kids {with Template}

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DIY Spring Earrings {Tiny Roses with Template}

Do you remember the felt crafts I posted some days ago? These are the tiny roses earrings I was creating. They are so easy! You just need a little bit of attention during the process, since the roses are so small and they tend to slip. This is the template I used: you can print… Continue reading DIY Spring Earrings {Tiny Roses with Template}