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[Free Printable] Vintage Thanksgiving Place Cards

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I love the idea of remembering the things we should be thankful for: in fact, my advent calendar last year was the calendar of happiness, where Franklin and me wrote the things we loved of each other.
Here are some printable place cards for your table: they’re vintage, stylish and each one is different. Print them on a vintage paper for a superb result. I also love very much this simple, yet effective, centerpiece.

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards
Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards


3 thoughts on “[Free Printable] Vintage Thanksgiving Place Cards”

  1. Thank-you! You just need to click on them: a flickr page will open, where you will be able to download the high quality version (it’s the little arrow on the right bottom).
    If you use them, I would love to see the result 🙂


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