The Italian Guide For Travelling With Style

The Italian guide for travelling with style

Are you planning a little trip? Are you coming here? Are you trying to merge with italian people, not looking like a tourist?
This post will help you with your style, to be comfortable but fashionable: you don’t need to wear high heels but for God’s sake don’t you dare use flip-flops!

Some small tips can be really helpful. For example, if you are planning a shopping afternoon, don’t bring tons of plastic bags from all the little local shops: choose a big, quality paper bag and put all your ugly little bags in it! If you are going to take some photos, take it to the next level: skip your compact for a good camera; nothing like a compact screams “old tourist”, and remember that Italians never use the selfie stick (they are also forbidden in some museums)! Also, a scarf can be a good alley to enhance a minimal look, to protect you from evening breeze and to cover your shoulders when you visit a church. If you choose it in a basic colour you will wear it with every outfit.

Wear a little makeup because we don’t go out without makeup. Ever. We don’t go to the market, we don’t bring the trash outside. Really, don’t go out without it. But don’t wear too much of it: you don’t need glitter to visit the Sistine Chapel, and a lot of foundation under the Sicily sun will melt your face with a grotesque result.

While we wait for vacations, let’s look at some cute outfits for this spring and summer!


Regalo per la Festa della Mamma ai lettori – Mother’s Day Giveaway!

“La mamma è quella persona che vedendo che i pezzi di torta sono quattro e le persone sono cinque, dice che i dolci non le sono mai piaciuti.”
Tenneva Jordan

Pronti per un dolce regalino dedicato alla festa della mamma?

Tutto quello che dovete fare è mettere il “mi piace” alla pagina facebook di CartaForbiciGatto, e riceverete tre bigliettini da stampare per la festa della mamma! Scegliete la fantasia che preferite tra le nove proposte ed il testo tra “buona festa mamma”, “un pensiero”, “tanti auguri” e “buon compleanno” e comunicatemelo via messaggio direttamente nella pagina facebook.
Vi invierò il file da stampare con i tre bigliettini da voi scelti!

“A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.”
Tenneva Jordan

Are you ready for a sweet mother’s day present?

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I will send you the printable file with the three mini cards!

Ecco le fantasie proposte! Scegliete le vostre preferite, stampatele e aggiungetele a un mazzo di fiori, a un regalo, o magari regalate solo questo bigliettino per dire “ti ho pensato”.

These are the examples! Choose your favourites, print them and add them to a bouquet, a present, or just give this card to say “I’ve been thinking of you”.

Non dimenticate di mettere il “mi piace” a CartaForbiciGatto!

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