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Doctor Who Valentine Cards (and why I love The Doctor)

Doctor show red copy

There, I’ll admit it. I made two Tardis Valentine Cards because I’m a Whovian.
A truly, madly, deeply Whovian.
And, you know, if it is the longest running sci-fi show of all time despite some laughably bad special effects (well, they improve with time. With time. AHA.) there are some reasons.

Doctor show white copy

Doctor Who is fantastic and imaginative, is really, really fun, is the intellect winning over brutality and has clever plots (they, also, really improve at some point). It is also awfully sad, because the Doctor can’t die but he changes into someone else (regenerating – he has been played by 12 actors, and each of them was the same but a different Doctor), he can lose his loved ones, no matter how much he loves them, because they are human and they die, and basically the entire show is based on change and separation, and since this means always losing your favorite characters you will be a blubbery mess sobbing in a corner so. many. times.
(J’accuse, Doomsday)
The Doctor is a true hero and saves the Earth a lot; he has a terrible past that is haunting him but he also has two hearts, and uses them both.
Doctor Who brings history to life, and Christmas to its past magic, and teaches us the value of differences. It has a lot of humour and it is also, sometimes, the most frightening show you will ever watch. In fact, it has got everything in it, so you’ll surely find at least something you like eventually: do you like Inception? Do you like The Gladiator? Do you like Western movies? Do you like romantic comedies? Do you like Shakespeare? Do you like the BBC Sherlock (its creator is one of the main writers of DW)? Do you like hot girls? One day you are fighting ghosts with Dickens, the next day you the world has been conquered by creatures from space, then you are trying to save Van Gogh in a moving, touching episode… and then you’ll meet the weeping angels and your life won’t ever be the same again.
I’ve written a lot of things and I actually haven’t written anything, because you cannot explain Doctor Who, you must watch it… or buy my super cheap Doctor Who Valentine Cards here.
(Also, I should point out the fact that the opening credits will have a part in your life, sooner or later).

Doctor show both copy


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