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Valentine’s Heart Banner

Faithful to my Valentine's Day resolutions, I'm still preparing to celebrate, skipping its commercial meaning. This is an easy banner that requires a few minutes of work. The flags are 5x5" squares, but the real height is 6" because of the 1" you must fold over the ribbon. To secure everything use a double-sided tape or, if you prefer,… Continua a leggere Valentine’s Heart Banner

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Make your own Valentine’s Party Hats

Another year has started, with its resolutions, a new impatient mantra that maybe will stick and maybe won't. Despite various printables and creations, I find Valentine's Day another way to make us spend more money in things we already should do. It is true, however, that sometimes we need a good reminder of what counts, among… Continua a leggere Make your own Valentine’s Party Hats

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I love you more than… Valentine Cards

I really am passionate about the things I love. Since I'm not easily convinced, the moment I actually like something or someone I know that they are fabulous and I will try to make you join my inner fandom, because it is right. Therefore, saying that I love you more than one of my passions… Continua a leggere I love you more than… Valentine Cards

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Doctor Who Valentine Cards (and why I love The Doctor)

There, I'll admit it. I made two Tardis Valentine Cards because I'm a Whovian. A truly, madly, deeply Whovian. And, you know, if it is the longest running sci-fi show of all time despite some laughably bad special effects (well, they improve with time. With time. AHA.) there are some reasons. Doctor Who is fantastic and… Continua a leggere Doctor Who Valentine Cards (and why I love The Doctor)

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{Free Printable} “It’s a boy” Card

My childhood friend (my mud friend, I used to call him, because we played a LOT, with consequences, and in italian mud friend and childhood friend have a similar sound) Matteo is having a baby. I feel like I'm going to be an aunt, since we grew up together like brother and sister. Today he… Continua a leggere {Free Printable} “It’s a boy” Card

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Love Notes

Last week I gave you the printable pocket watch card. In case you aren't that much into diy, this week I'll show you this sweet (indeed!) Valentine card. And if you don't want a card, you will also receive a lovely print for your wall. Have you seen the lovely dotted background? La settimana scorsa vi… Continua a leggere Love Notes

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Free Printable Valentine (Birthday) Card: The Pocket Watch

"The most valuable thing you can get from someone you love is their time. Not the words, not the flowers, the gifts. It's time. Because that is not coming back, and the time they gave you is only yours, no matter if it has been an hour or a lifetime." David Grossman "La cosa più… Continua a leggere Free Printable Valentine (Birthday) Card: The Pocket Watch

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Art Deco Wedding Invitation

I particularly love the idea of printing the back of your invitations. It can be the same theme of the front or a different pattern in matching colors. It is a refined touch for an elegant, yet colorful, ensemble. Amo in particolar modo l'idea di stampare il retro dei vostri inviti. Si può trattare dello… Continua a leggere Art Deco Wedding Invitation


Vintage Blue Wedding Invitation

I have a thing for antique wedding invitations. This one is very polished, but easy to read at the same time (we don't really want grandma to go to the wrong restaurant, do we?), and works well both for posh and fresh weddings. You can find it here. Ho un debole per gli inviti di… Continua a leggere Vintage Blue Wedding Invitation

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Coming soon

Holidays are over (and when I say holidays I mean Christmas, New Year's Eve, Ephiphany, my birthday, my best friend's birthday, my sister-in-law's birthday and my sweet half's birthday.. all between 20 december and 6 january) and I am coming back! In the meantime, Befana brought us some glorious chocolate cigars. Le feste sono finite… Continua a leggere Coming soon