20 Non-Christmas songs for a Christmas Playlist

Are you done with the gifts, or do you need some help for those last-minute presents you forgot? Are you ready with decorations, cards, gift wrapping?
Then you are ready to play your Christmas playlist. Sure, you can buy Bublé and go with that, but where’s the fun? I pick my songs every year and, apart for some classic Christmas songs, I usually add some non-Chistmas songs that are perfect for Christmas day, because they talk about love, cold, snow, hope and marshmallows.

Siete a posto con i regali, o avete bisogno di un po’ d’aiuto per quei pensieri dell’ultimo giorno che avevate dimenticato? Siete pronti con le decorazioni, biglietti, pacchetti?
Allora siete pronti per suonare la vostra playlist natalizia. Certo, potreste comprare il cd di Bublé e farlo andare, ma dov’è il divertimento? Scelgo le mie canzoni ogni anno e, in aggiunta ad alcuni classici natalizi, aggiungo sempre alcune canzoni non natalizie, ma perfette per il giorno di Natale, perché parlano d’amore, di freddo, di neve, di speranza e di marshmallow.


1. George Harrison – All things must pass, because in times like these a bittersweet song about struggle and hope is what we need (Christmas bonus: George Harrison – My sweet Lord)
2. Nick Cave – Let it be, because you have the Beatles and a haunting voice that makes a stunning song magical, and the rest is silence.
3. Mumford and Sons – Winter winds, because some winter are colder than others.
4. Adriano Celentano – Pregherò is the story of a man who loves a blind girl, praying for her happiness, beautifully sang on Stand by me’s music.
5. Dean Martin – A marshmallow world. Should I explain, or are you watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory right now? (Christmas bonus: Dean Martin – Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow)
6. Afrodite’s Child – We shall dance “The day we get a chance to get a dime to buy back our souls we shall dance, we shall sing, my dear love”.
7. Frank Sinatra – Everything, because he is Frank Sinatra (Christmas bonus: Every Christmas song He Performed, because he is Frank Sinatra).
8. Bruce Springsteen – Shenandoah, because his whole Seeger Sessions’ album can be perfect for Christmas (Christmas bonus: I’d say his version of Santa Claus is coming to town, but the truth is that my favorite version of it is Sinatra’s).
9. Chris Cornell – Ave Maria. Have you ever thought of having Chris Cornell in a Christmas playlist? Well here he is, and he rules it.
10. Joni Mitchell – River, a sad Jingle Bells. (Christmas bonus: Billy Idol – Jingle Bells Rock)
11. Josh Groban – Smile, because this song is moving in every cover, but Josh Groban has a lot of Christmas bonuses (es. O Come All Ye Faithful, or What child is this)
12. U2 – Mother of the disappeared, because we have lights and carols but out there someone is missing.
13. John Lennon – Give peace a chance, a surreal lullabye to sing altogether, good and bad voices (Chistmas bonus: John Lennon – Happy Xmas)
14. Tom Waits – Somewhere because yes, Barbra Streisand is Barbra Streisand, but Tom Waits is basically a rough Dickens telling you that there is, maybe, a place for us somewhere, even without money and hope and shoes and well, somehow, somewhere it’s Christmas.
15. Sting – Russians, because when I was I child I didn’t understand English language and neither my mother, and to us the music was so festive that it still has its power on Christmas time (Christmas bonus: Sting – There is no rose of such virtue)
16. Stevie Wonder – Blowin’ in the wind, because Bob Dylan can be gentle with Stevie Wonder’s voice (Christmas bonus: Bob Dylan has actually done a Christmas album)
17. Eddie Vedder – Rise, for our good intentions for the next year. With a ukulele. (or Pearl Jam – Just breathe)
18. Pete Seeger – We shall overcome, or maybe Joan Baez – We shall overcome, because no man is an island.
19. Johnny Cash and U2 – The Wanderer
, aka some sort of Jesus Christ wandering in our streets, watching us from our windows (Christmas bonus: Johnny Cash and Neil Young: Little drummer boy)
20. Nick Cave and The Pogues – What a wonderful world, because it’s evening and the party is over but the drunks are still singing to the moon (Christmas bonus: The Pogues – Fairytale of New York)


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