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The Happiness Advent Calendar {Printable – Part 2}

Second part of my printable Happiness Advent Calendar. You can find the first part here, with the whole story and all the numbered envelopes. Seconda parte del mio Calendario d'Avvento della Felicità, pronto da stampare. Potete trovare la prima parte qui, con tutta la storia e le buste numerate. Would you like to add the… Continue reading The Happiness Advent Calendar {Printable – Part 2}

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The Happiness Advent Calendar {Printable}

Not only children love the excitement of the run-up to Christmas, making every day special with that "opening the number" moment. The advent calendar tradition in my home goes back to when I was the youngest kid in the family and my relatives from Trento always came to visit before Christmas: since they really feel… Continue reading The Happiness Advent Calendar {Printable}

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Vineyard Wedding #3: Wax Seals tutorial

Third and final part of our vineyard and winery wedding invitations. Have you already checked the first and second part, with all the wonderful images of seasonal environments? Today we add an antique flavour to our two invitations with the sealing wax. Terza ed ultima parte dei nostri inviti di matrimonio in cantine e vigneti.… Continue reading Vineyard Wedding #3: Wax Seals tutorial

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Vineyard Wedding #2: Autumn flavour

Good afternoon! Are you still swooning at the thought of the stunning images of a vineyard wedding? Me too, actually. This is our second part: after the breathtaking surroundings, the seasonal decor and the "Purple Grapes" invitations, we add some other themed invitations. Buon pomeriggio! Siete ancora in deliquio per le meravigliose immagini di matrimoni in cantine… Continue reading Vineyard Wedding #2: Autumn flavour

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Books Vs Knick-knacks #1: half-seriously

  Do you happen to have actual books? I do. I have several hundreds of beautiful, dusty books (Anobii I love you), and I like to think about my future big home library. I imagine its color, its shape, its position, I try to understand if a light color or a dark one will suit best… Continue reading Books Vs Knick-knacks #1: half-seriously

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Vineyard Wedding #1: Purple Grapes

Vineyard and winery weddings are a romantic choice, but also a unique one: in every season the surroundings can be enchanting. In addition, food and drinks will be unforgettable, especially if you get married here in Italy. Inviting indoor and outdoor venues are, as a matter of fact, enriched by a gourmet catering for your guests.… Continue reading Vineyard Wedding #1: Purple Grapes

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I only love the roses I did not gather

"I only love the roses I did not gather. I only love the things that could be and have never been.." (Non amo che le rose che non colsi. Non amo che le cose che potevano essere e non sono state..) This old poetry by Guido Gozzano reminds me of those memories you love because… Continue reading I only love the roses I did not gather

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Free vintage gift tags

Did you like the lovely printable tea bag envelopes? Today I have some vintage gift tags for you... tea inspired, but very elegant. You could use it for a polished gift wrapping. Are you already picking Christmas gifts? You could use this guide to the perfect gift. Vi  sono piaciute le deliziose bustine da tè… Continue reading Free vintage gift tags

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Free Printable Tea Bag Envelopes

"Meanwhile, let us have a sip of tea. The afternoon glow is brightening the bamboos, the fountains are bubbling with delight, the soughing of the pines is heard in our kettle. Let us dream of evanescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things." Kazuko Okakura, The Book of Tea Tea is always a good… Continue reading Free Printable Tea Bag Envelopes

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Fall Place Cards (free printable)

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus How was your Halloween? Have you tried the mini hats from my last post? I went in a couple of restaurants wearing them and both of them asked me to create something for Christmas and Epiphany, yay! And have you read something from… Continue reading Fall Place Cards (free printable)