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Last-minute toast

I talked about my parents recently, and I must say I have actually learned a lot from them: my father teached me integrity, my mother understanding. From both I have learned to share: family means I am happy when you are too, and enjoying what I have means sharing it.

That’s why my house has always been open, and my mother has always been great at creating in five minutes a dinner for six. My brother, who is married and hasn’t been living with us since I was a teenager, still has lunch here twice a week, and my fiancée is sort of another son here.

So… last-minute happy hour: what are you going to do? I didn’t have time to create place cards on my pc, but it took me only three minutes and it turned out nice, I think, considering that my guests were already there and I didn’t have time to use any tool. I would like to make them again, in a more polished version: they look like an elegant ribbon or a paper scroll.


In the meantime, here is the fast version. You just need to cut some narrow strips of heavyweight paper (I recycled scrap ivory paper): write the names at the center of each strip, and be sure to have enough paper on both sides of the name; then curl them, a little bit with scissors, a little bit with your hands or around a smooth-sided pencil. Now your place cards are ready for your chalices.


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