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DIY Lace Garland tutorial

Do you remember the adorable garland I was in love with in the last post?

It is an easy DIY for a wedding: a hand made decoration communicates how much your friends and family mean to you, and how happy you are for their presence in your special day. It is a warm welcome. Now, this is how I made it: you will need white paper, cutter or scissors, a lace punch, a stapler.

Tutorial like this one are all over the web, anyway I’m going to explain it briefly for those who may need it.

Cut some strips from the paper and use the punch on both sides of each strip; with some punches you can overlay multiple sheets of paper – in my case no more than two, for a good result.
Fold each strip in half.
Staple the bottom of each heart with the two ends of a folded strip.

Isn’t it precious? I’m thinking about using it even on the Christmas tree.


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