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Autumn Craft and books

Do you ever divide your books according to seasons? For example, I believe that some American authors are more suitable for hot, sunny days (Hemingway, Fante, Steinbeck, Faulkner…) while English authors (Forster, Waugh, and James because I do put James among British writers) are often suitable for gloomy days and a cup of tea. But not Dickens: Dickens is, in fact, a writer for winter, like the majority of Russians (Tolstoj, Dostoevskij, Cechov, Bulgakov).

So now that Autumn is here, I will pull out all those books that I did not feel to read without some cold, a blanket over my knees, a cat, a cup of tea.

I’m also wearing warm colors. Well, me and the house. Deep red, warm brown, orange, yellow.

Do you like the candles? They were an old present from a friend, not so charming, with sad labels. I covered them with some heavy paper, and then again with an elegant, calligraphy wrapping paper. A little twine or raffia bow, and here you are two refined, tasteful candles for the fall.


I then used orange and ribbed paper for a couple of paper flowers, and the calligraphy paper for the leaves.

So, which are my “cold season” books this year? Of course Dickens, Tolstoj and Dostoevskij. I’m thinking of War and Peace, Bleak House, maybe some Latin philosophers, Franzen and a biography. Oh, and I am also reading this one.


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