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Piece of chic #1: vintage cameo

Fashion is about time, style is timeless. And talking about style, a few things say “chic” as much as a vintage cameo.


Posh as a Grace Kelly movie and delicate as a novel by Henry James, even today a cameo is the emblem of sophistication: a pendant or a brooch with this incision are crafted jewelry that never lower their high value. More than jewelry, it is art, but you can also find some lovely affordable reproductions.

Not just for ladies: you can now wear it in every kind of situation: elegant, retro, rock, even for a wedding!

Where are you gonna put this romantic and fine accessory? On a blouse, as earrings, on a Jane Austen book?

I’m lucky: I’ve got two. I think I’m gonna wear the first one with a cream, flowy dress and vintage sunglasses.




Maybe an outfit like this:

cameo1 copy

The second cameo is a blue-grey one, so I could wear it with an outfit like this:



Maybe with my red bag, a navy jacket and a silk scarf.

valentino-aphrodite-leather-bow-bag b833b701e1fda055c73a51fcc708d6c3

I really, really love the polished look of a cameo on a foulard.


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