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Double Season Pillow Box – printable freebie

I went on vacations last week. When I left it was still summer, but when I came back the leaves were suddendly turning yellow and brown.


You know when it’s been some months of sunny days and you start longing for sweaters and hot chocolates? Well, this summer hasn’t been neither sunny nor hot, but I’m still starting to feel that way now. I’m reading The turn of the screw and missing my night tea.

I had to wrap a gift in like 5 minutes two weeks ago, so I created the pillow box and used scrappy paper to wrap it. Despite the makeshift means the result was nice, so I thought it would have been nice have a real packaging set for the next occasion.

Scrap paper pillow box
The gift wrapping I was going to post, anyway, was very similar to this picture and sounded too bloomy for the new season: that’s why I created a double one. Now you can choose between the bloomy one and the fall one. Click on the images to see them larger.

Double season pillow box #1

Double season pillow box #2
For both of them you have bows:

Double season bows

And, just in case, here you are the two patterns on a bigger scale:

Spring pattern

Fall pattern

Happy wrapping!


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