“A Wonderland Birthday” printables #1

A Wonderland Birthday printables

Elide just turned 1. Throwing her a party was not so easy because her parents are moving and there’s a lot to do, but we really wanted her to have a bit of her Wonderland party, so her mom cooked hundreds of delicious muffins and cheesecakes, and I worked on decorations.

I’m gonna give you some free printables. Maybe you can’t eat them, but they are as sweet as a muffin top! Let’s start with the first ones.

Wonderland printable boxes

I put each letter of her name on the little boxes, but you really can use them as you like; are you going to give some little treats to your guests? Make a pyramid of the little boxes, or just display them with a black bow on the top of each one. I can assure you the result is incredibly cute! Too bad I don’t have any pictures. But hey, if you’re gonna use them, send me yours, would you?

Just click on the images to see a larger version.

printable blue wonderland box

printable yellow wonderland box

printable pink wonderland box

This was the first one. Follow me to know when I’m going to post the next Wonderland printable and have a wonder..ful start!

Wonderland printable boxes


Piece of chic #1: vintage cameo

Fashion is about time, style is timeless. And talking about style, a few things say “chic” as much as a vintage cameo.


Posh as a Grace Kelly movie and delicate as a novel by Henry James, even today a cameo is the emblem of sophistication: a pendant or a brooch with this incision are crafted jewelry that never lower their high value. More than jewelry, it is art, but you can also find some lovely affordable reproductions.

Not just for ladies: you can now wear it in every kind of situation: elegant, retro, rock, even for a wedding!

Where are you gonna put this romantic and fine accessory? On a blouse, as earrings, on a Jane Austen book?

I’m lucky: I’ve got two. I think I’m gonna wear the first one with a cream, flowy dress and vintage sunglasses.




Maybe an outfit like this:

cameo1 copy

The second cameo is a blue-grey one, so I could wear it with an outfit like this:



Maybe with my red bag, a navy jacket and a silk scarf.

valentino-aphrodite-leather-bow-bag b833b701e1fda055c73a51fcc708d6c3

I really, really love the polished look of a cameo on a foulard.

Pretty Girl Birthday Card – Freebie for You

Baby girl Birthday card

I got some lovely messages about my last post yesterday, and I really want to thank-you, so I’m giving you the birthday card I created for Alice’s 1st birthday. You can also use it for a newborn baby.

This is the original file I used for Alice, without the bow; I think this card is really sweet.

Alice's birthday card

Now this is a file without the name on it: you can use an Apex Lake font if you want it to be the same. Remember to leave some blank space where the bow is going to cover some of the white part. I’m gonna give you both the italian and the english version. Click on them to see them larger.

English file Italian file

For the bow, this file has three sizes of it, so you can use the same bows with the wrapping paper.

Pretty pink bows

The message on it said:

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

A. Enstein

Baby girl birthday card freebie

My beautiful anemone paper flowers

elegant anemone paper flower

Fact is, I do love anemone flowers and I create lots of them, all the time, because they are so beautiful and make me happy. You know that a recent research finds the key to a job that gives you satisfaction in the possibility of seeing the result of your work? Creating something with your hands, in these days of ebooks and mp3, holding them, messing around with glue and finally touching your precious creations, actually means happiness.

Anemones are a delicate flower, but their paper version can be both elegant and joyful, depending on the materials and colours you use, so that they will look fine in a vintage wedding as you can see in the first picture, or as a tea party placeseat, like this one within a paper cup I made some time ago.

paper anemone and tea cup

They are also lovely wrapping decorations, and I loved Lia Griffith’s wonderful ones but I really wanted a template that was ready to use on whatever paper I had. Therefore I created my own template, based on her work (I take no credit, and you can use her tutorial for this template), so now I can have a rainbow of flowers!

rainbow paper anemones

rainbow of anemones

I created the pink one on Sunday afternoon, when little Alice turned 1.

pink anemoneI used them for her presents.

1st birthday

baby gift wrapping

 I’m usually the one who gives babies their first book, but Alice’s uncle is a writer, so he took care of that. He is going to give her a book for every birthday, so that when she grows up she has a good library to discover. Her first book was The Catcher in the Rye. I gave her something else instead: this, because I couldn’t buy a book but I still wanted to be in that club, and this – I think they are the best toys for every child in every corner of the world: kids, imagination is coming! baby gift wrapping

This is my template. You can use it (personal use, of course): it’s easy, because it is not necessary to follow perfectly the lines to have a great uncome.

paper anemone templateAnd another flower for you: they look very sophisticated with vintage elements, don’t they? paper anemone

Double Season Pillow Box – printable freebie

I went on vacations last week. When I left it was still summer, but when I came back the leaves were suddendly turning yellow and brown.


You know when it’s been some months of sunny days and you start longing for sweaters and hot chocolates? Well, this summer hasn’t been neither sunny nor hot, but I’m still starting to feel that way now. I’m reading The turn of the screw and missing my night tea.

I had to wrap a gift in like 5 minutes two weeks ago, so I created the pillow box and used scrappy paper to wrap it. Despite the makeshift means the result was nice, so I thought it would have been nice have a real packaging set for the next occasion.

Scrap paper pillow box
The gift wrapping I was going to post, anyway, was very similar to this picture and sounded too bloomy for the new season: that’s why I created a double one. Now you can choose between the bloomy one and the fall one. Click on the images to see them larger.

Double season pillow box #1

Double season pillow box #2
For both of them you have bows:

Double season bows

And, just in case, here you are the two patterns on a bigger scale:

Spring pattern

Fall pattern

Happy wrapping!

Ten steps to the perfect gift

the perfect gift in 10 steps

Come avevo promesso, ecco il mio decalogo per il regalo perfetto! Questi sono i punti che cerco di seguire quando si tratta di fare un regalo a qualcuno.

As I promised, here is my handbook for the perfect gift! These are the steps I try to follow whenever I have to find a gift for someone.


Non è il punto più importante ma il primo in ordine temporale, almeno indicativo; quanto siamo disposti a spendere, biglietto e confezione compresi?

It is not the most important point, but the first in a chronological order, at least indicative; how much are we willing to spend, card and packaging included?

Pensiero: quanto bene conosciamo il destinatario del regalo? è giovane, vecchio? quali sono le sue passioni? davanti a quali vetrine si ferma? nel caso non lo conosciamo bene meglio chiedere a qualcuno o, nel dubbio, rimanere semplici.
Esperienza: quali regali ha amato e quali no? nel caso di una ricorrenza specifica, nella stessa occasione cos’abbiamo preferito ricevere? cosa si compra da solo (ed è quindi meglio evitare)?

Thought: how well do we know the gift recipients? are they young, old? What are their passions? in front of which window do they stop? if you do not know them well better ask somebody or, when in doubt, stay simple.
Experience: which gifts did they love and which didn’t they love? in case of a specific occurrence, on the same occasion what have we preferred to receive? What do they buy on their own (and is therefore best to avoid)?

Internet, nel caso manchiate di fantasia, è un’ottima fonte di idee anche insolite: invece di un oggetto perché non un’esperienza o un abbonamento?

Internet, in case you lack imagination, is an excellent source of unusual ideas: instead of a thing, why not an experience or a subscription?

the perfect gift in 10 steps

Non aspettate l’ultimo istante per pensare ai regali: durante l’anno, quando notate qualcosa che potrebbe essere adatto ad una persona, segnatelo da qualche parte per avere un punto da cui partire; è molto utile soprattutto a Natale, quando il numero di regali da trovare si moltiplica.

Do not wait until the last moment to think about gifts: during the year, when you notice something that might be suitable for someone, write it down somewhere to have a place to start; this is very useful especially at Christmas, when the number of presents to find multiplies.

Nel momento in cui avete trovato un regalo possibile, fatevi delle domande. Ad esempio, nel caso optiate per una pianta ma volendo evitare l’effetto “non sapevo cosa regalarti”, cercate qualcosa di specifico: una pianta di kumquat per una destinataria amante dei colori caldi con l’esterno della casa arancione e rosso (“Il regalo è adatto all’ambiente in cui verrà inserito?  Sarà in grado il destinatario di occuparsene? Avrà problemi di orari/animali/spazi?”).

The moment you have found a possible gift, ask yourself some questions. For example, in case you opt for a plant, but wanting to avoid the “I did not know what to give you” effect, looked for something specific: a kumquat plant if the recipient loves warm colors and the outside of their house is painted in orange and red (“Is the gift suitable for the environment it will be put in? Will the recipient be able to deal with it? Is it too demanding? Will they have issues about timetable / animals / spaces?”).

E’ possibile personalizzare il regalo che si sta scegliendo? Inserendo delle foto se è un album, preparando voi il biglietto, prendendo qualcosa che vi ricordi un’esperienza vissuta insieme, oppure variandone alcune parti (nel post precedente, essendo le piante di kumquat troppo grandi ho optato per una deliziosa piccola serra un po’ shabby riempita con piante verdi che ho selezionato io stessa al momento).

Is it possible to personalize the gift that you’re choosing? Inserting pictures if it’s an album, creating the greeting card, choosing something that reminds you of an experience together, or by changing some parts (in the previous post, being the kumquat plants too big, I picked a delightful small and shabby greenhouse, to be filled with green plants chosen at the moment).

Lo ammetto, dato il mio amore per la carta ed il diy sono una fan del confezionamento (coordinato, personalizzato, originale), che è un altro modo di dimostrare il pensiero e la cura per quella persona, e non renderà bello un regalo brutto, ma certamente può impreziosire un regalo formale o rendere spettacolare un regalo riuscito!

I admit, given my love for paper and diy I am a fan of the wrapping part (coordinated, customized, original), which is another way of showing the thought and care for that person, and maybe it will not make an ugly gift nice, but it can certainly enhance a formal gift or make the right gift a spectacular one!

Se possibile, lascia che sia una sorpresa.

When possible, let it be a surprise.